COVID-19: Business and Economic Impact

While Johns Hopkins clinicians and researchers tackle COVID-19 pandemic on many fronts, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School experts lead the way in understanding COVID-19’s impact on businesses and the economy. Carey Business School faculty are experts in the business of health and are working alongside businesses, policymakers, and consumers to prepare for and navigate the changing economic landscape.

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gloved woman making a vaccine in the lab
“We have a platform technology and are one of the few companies in the world that had clinical data in people demonstrating that with a single dose we could get neutralizing antibodies as well as a strong T cell response against the MERS virus, another coronavirus.”

Bill Enright, Carey alumnus and CEO of Vaccitech


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无忧加速器 A Carey alum leads Oxford and AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine
"I think case competitions are a great way for students to apply what they have been learning in school to a real issue and push themselves a bit outside of their comfort zone."

Abha Patil, MBA/MPH Candidate

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无忧加速器 Carey comes in first at MIT Operations Simulation Competition
“The difficult policy decisions tied to addressing the pandemic involve challenging choices between who might receive lifesaving treatment to when is the right time to soften social distancing restrictions. This is not a decision that any discipline, whether it's economics or epidemiology, can make alone. It's an ethical question when you enter into the world of trading off economic good for lives lost.”

Daniel Polsky, PhD, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

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Carey Business School faculty produce trailblazing scholarship in the tradition of Johns Hopkins, America’s first research university. With top academics and business professionals from a wide range of industries, we collaborate across disciplines and throughout the Johns Hopkins networks. Our research today changes the world tomorrow.
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